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About Us

Lanleys™ Biotechnologies Laboratory (LBL) is an innovative research-based biotech company located in The Biotech City of Laval, Québec, Canada.

We offer high quality mouse monoclonal antibodies and customized antibody production services to research labs worldwide.

The quality of our antibody products is guaranteed as they are all generated and manufactured in-house. Besides, our services are cost-effective, reliable and flexible.

With a well-established antibody production technology platform, we are active in the development of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic uses. Our current R&D pipeline consists of several proprietary antibody products, which have pharmaceutical potentials in cancer and immune diseases. These antibodies are esigned by LBL scientists, and can be used to develop diagnostic kits and/or refined for therapeutic treatment.

LBL is looking for partners to out-license our existing antibodies of pharmaceutical values, and research collaboration to expedite pre-clinical plans.