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Frequently Asked Questions

Antibody Products


What is the source of your antibody products?

All antibodies are made in-house, and thus the quality of our antibody products is guaranteed.

In LBL, we are trained and certified to handle animal experiments by following the guidelines set by The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC). Animals are housed at the Center of Biological Experiments, which is located in the Laval campus of INRS/Universite d'avant-garde.

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Which loading control should I use?

Generally, a good loading control should remain a consistent level of expression throughout your experiment. Here, we provide a variety of loading controls, which are well-expressed in most cell lines and tissues, and thus suitable for most western blots. If you are not sure about a particular antibody, a pilot experiment is highly recommended.

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Can I freeze the antibody?

Yes, antibody can be frozen and stored at -20°C for many years. However, freeze-and-thaw cycles will greatly affect the biological activities of antibodies. Therefore, make aliquotes before moving them into a freezer.

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Can I use antibody for other applications?

Yes, it is possible. We validate our antibodies with western blot, in part, to ensure that they meet the criteria of loading controls. Other applications are not included in our tests as yet.

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Can I use antibody on other species?

Yes, it is possible. Cytoskeletal proteins such as actin and tubulin, are highly conserved among species. We validate our antibodies on mouse and human cells, which are most popularly used in medical research. Other species are not included in our tests as yet.

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Do you make polyclonal antibodies?

We produce polyclonal antibodies from mouse, but not from other species.

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My project is confidential. How do you handle this work?

We can sign a confidentiality agreement upon request.

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If you still have questions that are not found in the list, or if you want to know more about our products and services in general, send your questions to our Technical Support team by e-mail at: support@lanleys.com